Rulian Estivalletti

Senior Software Engineer

About Me

Hello, I’m Rulian. I’m a full stack web & mobile app developer. I have extensive experience in web development, specializing in Laravel / Livewire / Vue & React. I also make iOS/Android apps in React Native.

I have particular experience in backend systems architecture. Working with various technologies to automate data parity between warehouse and search indexes, automating deployments and server orchestration / management.

I’m particularly useful working in small to mid size teams to plan, coordinate, implement and manage tasks in multi facet solutions that require integration between many moving parts.

For businesses, I offer a blend of skills across engineering, product and marketing departments. Having experience launching my own projects, I can relate to the pain points of coordinate marketing and product and translating the work into engineering.


Cloaked - Senior Developer - 2021- Present
Lead engineer and greenfield developer of a Vue application
core to the main functionality of the startup.

StealthBits :: UI Engineer :: 2020 - 2021
Working with existing UI's built in React to create features and debug issues in distributed security software.

Forkcast/Feed :: Senior Engineer :: 2017- 2020
API & Front end team on Node / Mongo / React Native stack.Built internal and client facing apps, ETL chains and handled data acquisition.

Freelance/Contract:: 2016 / 2017
Worked for various startups and my own projects for contracts ranging a single projects to a few months. Including Kirchbaum Development Group, Como Code, Expression Computing. :: Lead Developer :: 2010-2015
Worked on main site and moved into supporting white label solutions in vertical teams. Handled full development and project planning.

Ego Id :: Developer :: 2006 - 2009
Solo developer for a advertising agency. Handled all their development, project planning, technical support, deployment and project planning.

Photovisions :: Photo Production :: 2005/2006
Built & maintained website for photography studio. I was also responsible for photo retouching, catalog and magazine/photobook layout spreads.


PHP / MySQL / Javascript :: 17 Years :: Fluent
Been around PHP since version 3. Worked directly with php and mysql for first few years to learn sql well.Started Javascript before jQuery and evolved along with the ecosystem to TypeScript which I use today..

Laravel & Vue :: 8 Years :: Fluent
Worked with raw php and other PHP frameworks for a long time. Found Laravel in 2013 and never looked back.I started in Angular but hated it. Moved to Vue and loved how easy it was to build large interfaces with it.

React & React Native:: 3 Years :: Fluent
Moved to react and react native for Feed. Liked react’s simply API and building native apps using React Native.

MongoDB :: 8 Years :: Fluent
Worked with Mongo ever since it came out. Actually met their lead developer and went to their office to give feedback. I work with it pretty well, but am sadden to see so many people use it for the wrong reason.

System Admin :: 8 Years :: Proficient
I learned to manage linux servers at and plan for traffic patterns to support wide and deep operations. I understand how to build app and how they live in production and that understanding helps me drive more robust and more efficient plans.

Active Projects


Created an email paywall system and dashboard to give people with audiences a way to get paid to receive email

Tech: Laravel - Tailwind - Alpine - UI/UX - Design: Me, TailwindCSS

Updated Dec 2021